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MIA FOUNDATION was established in 1995 with the aim of contributing to social life in the field of social, health and education with a sense of social responsibility. For twenty-five years, thousands of students have been given scholarships, and they have supported the treatment of children with leukemia and their families, and they continue to do so.
As it is known, none of us live alone and none of us can be responsible only for ourselves. We are all in the same boat. We experience happiness, unhappiness, bitterness and sweetness together at the same time. The main thing is to reduce our pain by sharing and increase our happiness by sharing.

MIA LIFE CENTER was established as the fruit of these feelings and thoughts, with the efforts and opportunities of our Foundation. We believe that our center, which is designed to meet many basic needs of disadvantaged people in the same place, will set an example for future projects in terms of its service mentality and physical characteristics.

Just as our ancestors inherited the understanding of serving people through foundations, we must leave lasting works that will serve this purpose to future generations. We are proud to have joined this caravan.

PURPOSE OF OUR FOUNDATION; to provide better service with our team and to increase the number of our centers.

We believe that the way to be happy is to make someone else happy.

President of Foundation

Since its establishment, M. İhsan Arslan Foundation has carried out many charitable activities in the fields of social, cultural, education and health in our country and abroad, and has given great importance to cooperation and solidarity. Since 1995, it has added a new one to its activities as a non-governmental organization, and has been in the intention and effort to expand its experience and services.

For this purpose, the idea of the MIA Life Center emerged, and the construction of this center was started in 2016. One step ahead of meeting the needs in this center area, it has revealed a lifestyle approach that is applied for the first time in our country with its architectural structure and technological infrastructure.

Our center, which was established in İncek, which has a calm and peaceful atmosphere due to its ecological structure, has the best environmental conditions for our guests who want to spend a certain period of their life comfortably and be treated. Our center is located in an area of 38 thousand square meters. It also has all physical facilities with a total indoor area of 25 thousand m2.

MIA Life Center is a campus that brings together six main centers. These units are:

1. Private MIA Nursing Home and Elderly Care Center
2. Private MIA Care Center
3. Private Halise Arslan Special Education and Rehabilitation Center
4. MEB Halise Arslan Special Education Project Schools
5. Private MIA Medical Center
6. Physiotherapy Center with Accommodation

These six centers not only provide our guests with the service they need, but also offer a comfortable and peaceful environment. With a multidisciplinary approach, guests who stay permanently in the Nursing Home and Elderly Care Center and the Special Disabled Care Center can receive all non-surgical medical treatments at the 24/7 MIA Medical Center, as well as receive the treatment that suits their needs with the best specialists in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation department, which has advanced technology facilities.

Disabled children between the ages of 3 and 16 who receive education at Halise Arslan Special Education Schools continue their rehabilitation with scientific training techniques for all their needs at the Halise Arslan Special Education and Rehabilitation Center located in the same area, without time and space restrictions. Disabled children also benefit from treatment services in the MIA Medical Center and the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation department.

In our center, whose architectural design is made with this understanding, every detail that will make the lives of our guests easier has been considered. Advanced medical support, comfortable rooms, large and spacious common areas, social and cultural activities proudly offer such an understanding of life to both our guests and their families for the first time in our country.

Our Team

Hüda Ceviz

Nursing Home and Elderly Care Center - Responsible Manager


Special Education and Rehabilitation Center - Physiotherapist (Responsible Manager)


Medical Center - Responsible Manager


Care Center - Responsible Manager


Special Education Project Schools - School Manager

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